DCP Trailer Creation

Digital Trailers by Eon Entertainment specializes in converting existing video files into DCI compliant Digital Cinema Prints (DCP). Our industry leading encoders use state-of-the-art software. And our converted DCP files have passed rigorous compatibility testing on all common North American digital projection equipment including systems by Sony, Doremi, Christie, NEC and Deluxe.

Rates for DCP Conversion of standard US theatrical trailers:

2K Theatrical Trailer (2:30 max) = $100 flat rate
4K Theatrical Trailers (2:30 max) = $300 flat rate

2K Custom Length Theatrical Trailer (over 2:30) = $100 base + $20/min over 2:30
4K Custom Length Theatrical Trailer (over 2:30) = $300 base + $40/min over 2:30

After converting your file to DCP, we can also ship your trailers to any cinema in the US and Canada.  For more info on that service, CLICK HERE.

For more information regarding this or other Digital Trailer services, you can always contact us at: info@digitaltrailers.com