DCP Feature Presentation

Digital Trailers by Eon Entertainment specializes in converting existing video files into DCI compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). Our industry leading encoders use state-of-the-art software. And our converted DCP files have passed rigorous compatibility testing on all common North American digital projection equipment including systems by Sony, Doremi, Christie, NEC and Deluxe.

Rates for DCP Conversion of short films and full-length theatrical presentations:
2K, 2D Theatrical Content = $1200

Pricing includes:

  • One (1) DCP drive- up to 500GB
  • One (1) drive enclosure and adaptor
  • One (1) USB cable
  • One (1) Pelican shock-proof case (including foam with custom fit foam cut-out)

* Additional DCP (including cable and case) start at $400 each.

For more information regarding this or other Digital Trailer services, please contact us at: info@digitaltrailers.com